Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I sent out 3 blankets today. Ladies (Rachel & Mattie) when you get them, let me know so I can post pictures!

I received two boxes of yarn recently from some sweet ladies! I'll post pictures later tonight!

I bought some wooden crochet hooks, just waiting for them to come in. SUPER excited about this as I think they'll help with some yarn slippage issues.

Do you think we should start a Facebook Page? Do you think it would make it easier for you to share with your friends and family?

I'm interested in branching out and doing blankets for parents who lost a baby due to SIDS or something like that. I want them to be different from the pregnancyloss/miscarriage blankets, but as of right now I'm at a loss of how to do that (and to signify how old the baby was). Maybe I shouldn't worry about showing the age? Any suggestions/comments would be VERY welcome. :)

My sweet girl has a cyst/boil/unknown on her leg....would you pray? She's starting antibiotics tonight, and is already on topical antibiotic.... if it's not better soon they're talking about lancing it... and...um... that scares me a LOT. So if you could, please send some healing prayers our way.

Also.... I would love to include some Bible verses in my notes with the blankets, any suggestions? I know it's pitiful that I'm asking this... but I have 95 irons in the fire and 2 arms to get them out.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Benjamin & Saria's Blankets

I sent out these blankets a week or so ago, and haven't heard from the mother, but I decided to go ahead and post the pictures. I usually try to wait so that the parents can see them when they open them, but I'd say they're there!

This sweet Momma lost both Benjamin and Sarai, at 10 weeks and 9 weeks. These are their blankets.