Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm still here!

I know I have been very, very neglectful of this page, and I apologize so much! Over the summer my crochet helpers got really busy  and I've been overcoming some health issues. I have another helper who received 5 names today, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'm on the mend.

If you follow The Divas Mom, then you know that I'm about 15 weeks pregnant. We're ecstatic about it, but it has been a difficult pregnancy thus far. I won't speak again about it here, because I know you all have all suffered losses and I don't want to cause anyone pain. Feel free to follow my other blog to keep tabs on the pregnancy, as well as my toddles.

My Daddy has been having some health issues the last month or so, and I really covet your prayers for that as well. Lots of tests, doctors visits and the like, with some kind of scary diagnosis. We're praying for a clean bill of health in the next few weeks.

My back has been giving me FITS the last 2-3 months, so sitting for long periods of time hasn't been an option. I'm starting to slowly get back on my feet, but it's taking me a while.

PLEASE check the Angel Families page and make sure that your childs name is listed. I just updated the entire list, so hopefully everyone is there.

I'm here, and hopefully will be talking more soon. Love to you all.