Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prayers for us all

My good friend (and one of our blanket makers!) is staying at my house this weekend, so I actually have 10 minutes to myself. I sat down and started perusing some of the blogs that I follow of you sweet ladies. I was so surprised, and so very happy to see how many of our families are currently pregnant with their rainbow babies.

Ladies, we need to rally around these girls in prayer. I know from experience how very, very difficult that rainbow pregnancy is. You are PETRIFIED of everything, and you don't even enjoy the pregnancy because you're so scared of losing it.

We need to wrap our arms around these people and send love their way. I know Sherri is having some very serious complications, and other moms are very worried about their pregnancies. If you're pregnant and would like prayer, won't you please post a comment here so we can pray for you and your family? And if you aren't in the place in your grief journey where you CAN read someones story, or pray for them, don't feel guilty. That is perfectly okay. I know for a looooong time after my miscarriage I couldn't see anyone announce their pregnancy, or talk about pregnancies with anyone. It's okay. We all understand.

Please post if you would like prayer. I know I would love prayer for my pregnancy. I've had no complications thus far, but that fear is always at the back of your mind.