How To Help

You want to help? Great! We'll take all the help we can get!

If you knit or crochet:
We always need people to help make the blankets. Our "pattern" is very simple. The blanket needs to be 22-24 inches wide, and then however many rows I specify. That's it! You can do it in whatever pattern you want. The only request I make is that "remembrance" rows are done in a ribbed pattern (by crocheting in back loops only, or by just doing the knit only in knit), so that it's easier to see all the rows that signify the babe's sweet life. If you're interested in helping, please email me.  I will give you a specific color (that you use as a suggestion... I don 't want you to have to pay exorbitant amounts of money here), and a specific amount of rows. The first 20 rows of each blanket are "filler" rows, then however many weeks the pregnancy was carried for will be an additional amount. My only request on yarn color is that if the mother specified she had a girl, that she not get boy colors. If you are not local to me, I ask that you please provide your own yarn. I'm already going to be paying shipping out of pocket for the blankets!

Don't knit or crochet? No worries! We need other things as well.

Yarn! We always need yarn. Anything that is baby specific (Bernat baby yarn is a personal fav) or Simply Soft brand are big pluses. Pastel colors (all colors! grey, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple) are great. White is much needed.

We are currently (June 4th) in desperate need of purples, pinks and whites. 

Shipping Materials & Postage! The blankets vary in size, so if you have any envelopes or small boxes that you have laying around and don't need, we'd love to take it off your hands! I plan on using the flat rate boxes for the larger blankets, but unfortunately most blankets are rather small. Any money that is donated via our Paypal button right now is going STRAIGHT to shipping costs.

Prayer! I'm not going to lie. This ministry is difficult for me. Every time I get a new form in my inbox I usually break down and cry for the families. It breaks my heart. I'm rather overwhelmed by the amount of families out there that need ministering to, and as of right now, I'm kind of going solo in the organizational process (I have 2 other crocheters currently). I want to minister to these families as quickly as possible, so please pray for strength and time!

After many people expressing the desire for a PayPal button, here you go. All proceeds donated will go directly to either yarn purchases or shipping charges to get these blankets to their families! Thank you SO much for helping in any way you can! It is now available on the right sidebar.

Please email me if you think you can help! We appreciate any support, especially prayer!

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  1. What a beautiful thing you are doing! I am extremely busy getting things running for our non profit, Mikayla's Grace, but I will definitely help by sending some yarn or something! Email me at mikaylasgrace (at) gmail with your address!


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