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  1. I had twin babies that were born sleeping on Oct.17, 2007 a Boy and a girl I would love to recive a blanket for them in memory of them.thank you my e-mail is

  2. My precious little Angel " Jackson Gene Jaszcz was born 5-17-16 and flew to Heaven on 12-17-16. He was the most smiling little Angel I ever saw and so full of life... Well 2 days prior December 12,2016 he due for his imunionsation shots for his 6 months shots.... They gave my baby the flue shot without my consent and my baby died in my arms on December 17,2016 in his sleep. He was snuggled up holding my fingers and out of the blue he let go... Jackson never did that he always held his tiny little hands around my fingers, I was the first to be gazing into his sapphire gray eye and I was the last he looked at before he faded away for eternity. His doctor in Thompson Station committed suicide right after BC she over dosed my baby and he faded away from me I
    At the same time my water broke" 6:00" am on a Wed morning and never was revived. So even though a blanket is not him it would forevermore be a reminder that I was truly holding a Angel.

    Thank you for taking the time out of you're life and reading my story

    Thank you for you're generosity ��.

    Alicia Marie Jaszcz

    1. Forgot to say that this is the first time I've talked outside God and my family.

      Took a lot to take this step without falling to my knees but will always get back up. This is the first step.

  3. My name is Felicia and I have 2 babies who were born into heaven and to receive a blanket from you would not only be truly appreciated but also knowing that someone else will remember my babies as well. My email is


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