Wednesday, February 17, 2016

And So the Stories Begin

Every miscarriage and everyone’s physical and emotional response to it is different. Each person deals with loss and stress in different ways. Because of this,I have decided to start something new. I have asked the people who have received something from us if they were willing to share their stories with us. We have been met with all positive responses from those who have been asked if we could share their stories.  Due to privacy concerns I will not be sharing names. 

I will try and get a new story out each week. As of right now we have five stories to share over the next five weeks. 

Let the Stories Begin... 

Our first story comes from a women who found out she was pregnant at a very difficult time in her life. Prior to finding out that she was excepting she had spent 10 days in the hospital psych ward. She had been battling major depression and anxiety, and had recently begun having suicidal thoughts. After her 10 day suicide watch she was given medication and sent home. After only being out of the hospital for only three days she had to be taken back because of an allergic reaction.

Once back in the hospital for her allergic reaction it was discovered that she was pregnant. This news came as a complete shock to her. Then came the scary news. The medication that the doctors had put her on for depression and anxiety was dangerous for her pregnancy.One of the medications was even a category X. This type of medication has demonstrated fetal abnormalities and has had positive evidence of human fetal risk. So she had to stop taking the medication at once.

Right after she found out she was pregnant she made an appointment with an OBGYN to have an ultrasound. As they brought up the image our mother-to-be noticed that there were TWO Babies.TWINS! Sadly, just moments later she was informed that one of her babies did not have a heartbeat. She was six weeks along. She says that it was the worst day of her life.

She was able to carry the other baby to term and she now has a beautiful four-year-old son. She is so happy to have her son to hold in her arms, but her heart still aches with the loss of her other child.

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