Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I stayed up way to late last night, pouring my heart into an upcoming guest post for the Playdate Crashers website, describing my ministry here. Because of this, I updated our 'How to Help' page... not big updates, but still relevant.

The only things we are really "in need" of right now is purple and white yarn. I've had such a call for purple yarn for upcoming babies! So if you have thought about sending yarn, please consider sending purple, white or green!

I got my very first Paypal donation the other day, and with it sent our Jeremiah and Miri's blankets. Unforunately I didn't get a picture of Jeremiah's, but as soon as I hear from Miri's mother, I'll post those pictures!

I think I'm behind on posting pictures to this site, but I need to figure out who it is that I have yet to post. Hopefully that will come after my daughters bedtime tonight.

Look at this! Two posts in one week!


  1. I have purple yarn I can send you. Just yesterday my dad brought me several bags of yarn. He found it at a yard sale and knew that I have been looking for yarn to donate. It was very thoughtful of him. He also got red and grey yarn, are those colors that you can use? If they are I will send them, if not that is fine.

  2. I will take a look and see what the store has

  3. We're looking forward to having your guest post, Shaina!


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