Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm still here, promise!

I know I have been MIA recently. I was having some pretty severe chiropractic and hormonal issues that were causing me to be MIA in most parts of my life. Add to that a teething toddler who had to have surgery on her leg, and well, this has been a very rough month in our house.

But it's over, and things are looking up! I'm praying to get everything straightened out with his blog in the next week! But I need your help!

If you have filled out a form to receive a blanket, PLEASE check out the Angel Families link. If you are listed under "Families We Have Ministered To" but you have NOT received an email from me, or have not received your blanket, would you PLEASE email me your mailing address? I sent out several emails a month ago and only got one back... so I think that spam folders may be eating my emails! I have NUMEROUS blankets ready to go out, I just need addresses to send them out to!

Also, if you have sent in an applications in the last month- month and a half, would you please check and make sure your name is on the waiting list?

Thanks everyone, for sticking by us this last month! I'm going to try my hardest to get things back in order!

Also, check out our facebook page! Just search for Rows for Remembrance, and "like" us! I share on there sometimes when I don't have a chance to blog!

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  1. One of my babes is under have ministered and one is under currently so I assume you're waiting til they're both ready (which is what I would do). If you need anything from me let me know!


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