Thursday, March 24, 2011


I feel very accomplished this evening. I'm 7 rows in on Carleigh's blanket. I mailed three blankets out (P.S. Ladies, please contact me when you receive them, I'd love to post their pictures here!). I did some other errands.

I also received a beautiful box in the mail today. It was a yarn donation made in honor of Mikayla Grace. Three beautiful skeins of yarn that will make gorgeous blankets. I was so honored and excited!

So that's been my day.

Check out our new Resources link! Let me know if there are any specific links you think I should add.

Also, under Angel Families, you can tell if your blanket is being worked on now! If your name is BOLD then you are currently who we are working on. We attempt to work from the top down (although sometimes, due to skill level & yarn we do skip around some), so if you're near the top you should be next! Please be sure to pass us along to your friends.


  1. Another resource is a GREAT Bible study that I found after my m/c, "Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy"...

  2. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  3. Thanks so much!! and yay for another donation!


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