Monday, March 28, 2011


Not big ones, I promise!

Some blankets may not be completed in the traditional "rows" style any more. Some may now be done in a continuous "granny square" pattern. This will actually make it easier for you to distinguish the rows! I'm going to make a note on the "apply" page as well, but if you have already put in a request for a blanket and have a preference, please let me know.

I got out with my husband and daughter this weekend and did some shopping. My husband and I were in a Christian bookstore looking for a marriage devotional. While there, I came across packs of blank inspirational cards that had 8 cards in them for $1! I bought 6 packs! Such a blessing to be able to find just what I needed at a price I could afford!

Also while we were out, I needed to pick up some new crochet hooks. Some how I had managed to own 4 J hooks, a G hook, a N, K & P hook, but no H or I hooks. The majority of my yarns call for H or I hooks! My G hook is my favorite, because it has a bamboo handle. They cost a little more (a dollar or so) than regular hooks, but I got mine on crazy clearance. As I went to pick up the H & I hooks, my husband made me get the ones with bamboo! He also made me purchase a J hook with it as well. He knew I wanted them, and really, it was only $3. I'm SUCH a saver when it comes to money though, and wouldn't have got them if he hadn't been along! We work well together.

I'm going to be posting my story of miscarriage & hope here soon, so be on the lookout for that. Be praying for me this week... I'm having some (not serious but highly annoying) medical issues and just want to feel better. Thank you!

Praying for you all!


  1. I think whatever changes you make with the blankets will be good ones!

  2. You do such amazing work with your blankets :) Sorry to hear that you're facing some medical issues... thinking of you and hope they get sorted soon xoxo


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