Monday, March 7, 2011

Our First Blanket

Our first Angel Family blanket is completed, and will be soon making its way to its home.

This beautiful blanket was crocheted by my dear friend, Sarah. It goes out to Baby C's family. Baby C's Momma was only 6 weeks pregnant when she miscarried, and is still trying to process. Please lift her and her husband up in prayer!

More coming soon! Continue to share us with your friends, family and loved ones.


  1. Such a beautiful idea... and sounds as though each will be made with love & make a big difference to the families you share them with xoxo

  2. What kind of shipping supplies do you need? I finally got off my rearend and started a business of my own that I actually WORK at/on, and I have extra supplies (mainly shipping) or access to them at least. Let me know needs and dimensions of your blankets and stuff and I'll see what I can dig up and get to you.


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