Saturday, March 26, 2011

Healing & Hope

I would love to see this blog blossom. I'm getting more followers every day (*waves* hello!) and I want this to be a place for healing and hope. I don't want to just post about my weekly crocheting, or just pictures of blankets. I DO want to post about that stuff, but I would love for this to be a place of inspiration as well.

I have 500 irons in the fire right now, so... that's where I hope you come in. If you would like to write a post to be featured on the blog, please email me. Just tell me the subject you'd like to talk about. I want them to be posts about healing, about hope, and about... just... well, feeling better.

Also, if you have followed this blog in the last week, and I don't follow you back... please leave me a message with your blog address. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I'd love to link back to you.

Thank you everyone!


  1. :)


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  4. =)

    I deleted the above *blush* b/c I wanted to add that my blog is an Infertility/TTC blog with a sprinkling of pg loss in between (since I did have a loss about a year & a half ago).

  5. I could def write a post but I'd like to wait til after the SGM auction since that's keeping me busy right now


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